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Title :  Digital Video DV Camera Camcorder
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Comments Digital Video DV Camera Camcorder

The Federation Of Alasalan
Finally I find a camera I have
Comment from : The Federation Of Alasalan

hows the night vision on this camera?
Comment from : DemonWithAHood

Itz_Kr4zy Productions
I have this camera but idk how to take it apart 😠 there is something in it stopping it from workinh
Comment from : Itz_Kr4zy Productions

mark s
I'm not giving a thumbs up nor a thumbs down because it was a good video you did just didn't explain charging. Can you plug it into a car usb port like your cell phone?
Comment from : mark s

Hamburek na romobilu
Do you recommend me this camera?
Comment from : Hamburek na romobilu

Louer Parker
Is it possible to flip the cam?
Comment from : Louer Parker

Global Impact Life
Can you watch playback videos from the camera?
Comment from : Global Impact Life

Ulises Turcios
A cuantos fotogramas por segundo graba
Comment from : Ulises Turcios

Martin’s world
Comment from : Martin’s world

Alice Laurent
And what is the camera you use for this video? Record your hand
Comment from : Alice Laurent

মুসলিম ইসলামীক মিডিয়া
ক্যামেরা দাম কত এখন মার্কেটে বলেন ভাই ০১৮৮১৩০৯৩৩৭
Comment from : মুসলিম ইসলামীক মিডিয়া

Niko Bellic
Comment from : Niko Bellic

Trap.house. edits
I somehow got mine on night vision and can’t get it off 😂
Comment from : Trap.house. edits

محمد اليافعي mohammed
I think its accuracy is weak. Is there a solution for that if I possess the same?
Comment from : محمد اليافعي mohammed

I put the camera on the charger and everytime I take it off it dies
Comment from : JMP PRODUCTIONS

Gavin Cyr
Just got mine. ABSOLUTELY refuses to focus. Majorly pissed.
Comment from : Gavin Cyr

Sou Pascom Guadalupe
Comment from : Sou Pascom Guadalupe

Vanix Edits
Can u transfer your videos from the camera to ur phone??
Comment from : Vanix Edits

Chay Blox
I got this baby for Christmas

Cant complain, ive wanted this for years man
Dream come true

Comment from : Chay Blox

Darius Brown
Just got this camera for Christmas no clue how to use it🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ please help
Comment from : Darius Brown

Atomic Forever
Just got mine for Christmas. Future videos to come :)
Comment from : Atomic Forever

Mark Enciso
Verygood quality
Comment from : Mark Enciso

Nico And The Niners
Please help me find the flash.
Comment from : Nico And The Niners

Mr. YissaL!
If you don't claim You only can blame You #YissaLogic
Comment from : Mr. YissaL!

the camera is 1080p 60 fps?
Comment from : VITO LUNA HD

Nico And The Niners
Is there a flash?? I have this camera but idk how to take pictures with the flash on
Comment from : Nico And The Niners

Licks on the G-string
I was told you could use this camcorder as a webcam. Anybody know how to do that?
Comment from : Licks on the G-string

Mr Dyls
cool i'm gonna get this camera
Comment from : Mr Dyls

Dendi REAL
Saya mau beli kamera begitu Bacaanya Vd Dan ada hdnya itu Hd beneran apa bohongan sih soalnya saya tanya penjual nya tidak jelas Padahal keterangan nya Hd

Comment from : Dendi REAL

so how long it takes to recharge the camcorder's battery?
Comment from : SHAHRUL FARIN

Anibal Vitale
move the camera!, zoom in,zoom out, do something,60fps? bad review!
Comment from : Anibal Vitale

Athao Thao
nice high definition dvc mega pixels stereo camera
Comment from : Athao Thao

Rajiul Haque
How to repair if the display hang
Comment from : Rajiul Haque

Reel Shernell
Hi i do not know how to remove the batter from my camera can you help me please
Comment from : Reel Shernell

Romantic rowdy Hacker
What is the name
Comment from : Romantic rowdy Hacker

Sibuna Panda
Bhai mera ak Dv camera hi mujhe pata nahi he tume mujhe batao ge kya
Comment from : Sibuna Panda

Alicen Ponzer
I got this camera for Christmas, it won't let me record. Everytime I put my memory card in a little car pops up on the screen, Is there a certain type of memory car that I need or...?
Comment from : Alicen Ponzer

Lavonia Duda
good stuff. 💚
Comment from : Lavonia Duda

how long does the camera record for in 1080p video
Comment from : AjvTV

if The audio for the camcorder is bad. I would suggest to install audacity on your computer and buy a mini microphone for £3.99 that clips onto your shirt.
Comment from : DictatorKoris

Imam Faruq
gua udah beli
Comment from : Imam Faruq

A2 Z
How do you pause the video? Without stopping it
Comment from : A2 Z

Tracie Smith
I hust wasted $70 bucks on this camera. I should've gi fir the Sony.
Comment from : Tracie Smith

Yakup Önata
Has night vision?
Comment from : Yakup Önata

Adesh Music Official
Focus botton h
Comment from : Adesh Music Official

Adesh Music Official
Comment from : Adesh Music Official

Ms Art
what brand it?
Comment from : Ms Art

Comment from : A M M A R L E G E N D

Likith Acharya
we can take photo also
Comment from : Likith Acharya

Likith Acharya
we can photos also
Comment from : Likith Acharya

Comment from : KERDEŞ NABIYON

Tanveer Mohammad
I have bought it but how do I take photos
Comment from : Tanveer Mohammad

Tanveer Mohammad
Can it take still photos
Comment from : Tanveer Mohammad

I would have liked to have seen how to replay/playback video and how you were using the buttons. This was advertised as a very easy to use camcorder but the instruction booklet is really bad.
Comment from : GAIL BREWSTER

how about close up fully zoom in and macro clear perfect focus...
do have 2 controls as auto or manual focus...
brightness contrast auto or lock or manual...
stability as less shake and double clear depth of field...
choice as option scene mode...
choice 30fps / 50fps / 100fps / 200fps up to 1000fps and high shuttle speeding

Comment from : bestamerica

Lilybi Vlogs
So I got a camera like this one-the Kimire, and I'm not too sure of how to set it up. Mine came uncharged, and I want to plug it in without breaking it (but I don't really know how exactly). There are also other tricky things, like the disks, but I don't want to experiment just yet, as one small mistake could break or damage it. HELP!
Comment from : Lilybi Vlogs

eduardo mata
Se me hace chafa
Comment from : eduardo mata

Evely Fernanda
Ela é boa qual e o preço na TomTom?
Comment from : Evely Fernanda

I got this camera awhile ago and it sucks. I bought it for 70 wasted dollars on amazon. This camera’s quality is very very bad. It’s not in HD and the sound is terrible. You got a better one then I did. But, at least I got a Canon Vixia HF R800 now.
Comment from : HeathCandy

selma lewandowski
how do you even record on this thing?????
Comment from : selma lewandowski

selma lewandowski
hi im selmas older cusen and I thought it was vary confuseing next time plese run us through it slowly  and give give drections
Comment from : selma lewandowski

Basilio Lopez
i got the camera in this video but the quality of the video is not even HD. Ihave done everything to see if i can get the quality as this video shows but my camera videos is like 2mg pixcels when it say is 24 mg pixecels. hd. does any one now how to put it en better quality or something. because i am thinking to put it in the rubbish bin.
Comment from : Basilio Lopez

Can we plug micro on it?
Comment from : Binou

Debalina Bhattacharjee
i have bought the same model as shown in the video.... i want to know that how would i watch the saved videos and photos that i have shoot in the camcorder ..please help
Comment from : Debalina Bhattacharjee

Debalina Bhattacharjee
i have bought the same model as shown in the video.... i want to know that how would i watch the saved videos and photos that i have shoot in the camcorder ..please help
Comment from : Debalina Bhattacharjee

I have this camera, and I'm trying to change the quality. I go into the menu and click on the movie size button, but it doesn't bring up the menu for the movie quality, it just makes a bleep noise, can somebody help?
Comment from : CormAlan

how much usd?
Comment from : R/C MAN

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