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ACTINOW Video Camera Camcorder For YouTube Vlogging Vlogger Review

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Information ACTINOW Video Camera Camcorder For YouTube Vlogging Vlogger Review

Title :  ACTINOW Video Camera Camcorder For YouTube Vlogging Vlogger Review
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Frames ACTINOW Video Camera Camcorder For YouTube Vlogging Vlogger Review

Description ACTINOW Video Camera Camcorder For YouTube Vlogging Vlogger Review

Comments ACTINOW Video Camera Camcorder For YouTube Vlogging Vlogger Review

With a webcam image sensor, a plastic lens, and a mono microphone, you're never going to get good video and video quality out of these things. You'd get much more impressive results for around the same money by buying a used Sony or Canon camcorder.
Comment from : VWestlife

Shawn Bartley
no purchase links?
Comment from : Shawn Bartley

Van Sullivan
Great, thanks!
Comment from : Van Sullivan

Jessica Becerra
How did you get the remote to work? Mine won't work.
Comment from : Jessica Becerra

Wino Wino
Hey guys can you use for live stream Facebook with the DVC?
Comment from : Wino Wino

Tee Con
The cheap camera was very choppy
Comment from : Tee Con

Would you say these cameras are better than a logitech c920?
Comment from : Luxe

Visually Victoria
I recently bought the more expensive camera so that I could start filming higher quality YouTube content. No matter how many lights I have on, the quality of the video is extremely grainy... kind of like old school webcams. I've tried tweaking the ISO but it didn't do much. Very disappointed with the camera and I don't recommend.
Comment from : Visually Victoria

Coronation Street by Caitlin haslegrave
Can you does it have to be sent to a computer like the videos or can you send it to Channel on your phone
Comment from : Coronation Street by Caitlin haslegrave

Sketchy Art
and know i am subed
Comment from : Sketchy Art

Which camera did you use for your recording?
Comment from : CHUKWUDIMA OBI

Nice video but does anyone else see ricegum he looks like him
Comment from : impulse

Sketchy Art
thank you so much this really helped me out to know what i need to get i will so sub to you!
Comment from : Sketchy Art

Nice video it really helpful, Can I ask a question? I use to edit my video in kine master using my phone, can the video fit into the phone?
Comment from : AJM BEATBOX

Strange Paranormal
Does this camera support night vision???
Comment from : Strange Paranormal

Monica Ivey
You are a life saver 💜💜💜💜
Comment from : Monica Ivey

•Dashawnna Squad•
How Do U Get The Videos From The Camera To YouTube Or Your Computer ?
Comment from : •Dashawnna Squad•

For some reason I can't pick my Andoer hdv 201lm as a webcam on my Mac... any suggestions?
Comment from : FacingChristward

Overlin Gallegos
Hello from Mty. Mex. Excellent comparison side by side and now you have helped me to make a decision to buy my first video camera. Thank you
Comment from : Overlin Gallegos

Lovely Antidote
Amazon had the with the microphone I ordered it on April 30th and I received it yesterday, can't wait to use it. Just wanna say amazon got all the good stuff
Comment from : Lovely Antidote

Janine Fisher
What software did you find compatible for editing footage taken on the camera without using the webcam features?
Comment from : Janine Fisher

Tiple ASMR
I just need good quality lol because I have a mic already
Comment from : Tiple ASMR

Marvin Ventura
Does it Work for facebook live stream
Comment from : Marvin Ventura

Thank you for this video!! 🤗

If one doesn't have a laptop, how would one upload the videos ? Is there a video about that, do we upload it on our phones ?

Comment from : JJ

Eric Ostroff
when uploading video to youtube with the camcorder on the left it cuts the video
Comment from : Eric Ostroff

mark s
How do you charge these? Do you plug the usb in a power outlet and leave the batteries in the camera doing this? If you do, can you plug the usb into your car like you do with cell phones and charge it?....I'm not giving a thumbs up nor a thumbs down because it was a good video you did just didn't explain charging. I think I liked the cheaper camera video better then the other one
Comment from : mark s

Who doesn't love a bargain, and the comments are fine when you don't spend your own money, but the comments are not critical enough.
Comment from : aquilegus

FlyBoy JB
how long can you record
Comment from : FlyBoy JB

prince lucky
Please recommend pranks camera for me pls. I need quality image pls reply
Comment from : prince lucky

Greater Mountpilgrimvm
Great video, everything we needed to know
Comment from : Greater Mountpilgrimvm

Horrible Review....see, see, see....without showing details... Grrrr.....
Comment from : 1stDivision

Ric Tone
does this work will MAC OS?
Comment from : Ric Tone

can you pause while recording
Comment from : ronanKM

Charles Smith
Remote doesn't work and I am finding ZERO information. I am starting to get pissed off .
Comment from : Charles Smith

Natalia Johnson
Trying to reach the company. I cannot format the SD card to use the camera. Any suggestions?
Comment from : Natalia Johnson

Gena Roche
where would I find a sim card for the more expensive camera?
Comment from : Gena Roche

Jhonson Garcia
Can the SD card put in Android 😁
Comment from : Jhonson Garcia

Jhonson Garcia
Thank you so much who watch in 2020 let me now like this is critical helpful if you need something to now go to this video and watch it
Comment from : Jhonson Garcia

Luke Cunningham
How do you charge the batteries on this camera? Or do you have to buy them? If so what brand are those batteries?? Just bought this camera for my Instagram series I’m starting while at college.
Comment from : Luke Cunningham

Jimmy Bonilla
Hello friend, you can add a microphone to the camera or computer, which you recommend is to make broadcasts from the church. Thank you.
Comment from : Jimmy Bonilla

Cade Heffernan
Can you adjust the screens brightness??
Comment from : Cade Heffernan

Malikahlooo Traore
Sorry, but how much do they cost? :)
Comment from : Malikahlooo Traore

Francisco Trivino F
Hello, I did the test and the video camera works well for me, the only thing that does not turn on is control in the brochures does not indicate how to do it I do not know if something is wrong I thought it was the battery but I would not like to know what I should do.
Comment from : Francisco Trivino F

Comment from : TommySkid

greg sexton
Does anybody know when I can get a wideangle lens & hood for this product please?
Comment from : greg sexton

greg sexton
Which memory card do I use for the Camcorder Video Camera 2.7K Full HD 30MP Vlogging please?
Comment from : greg sexton

Donnie D'Amato
Just want to mention a few things he didn't test but I did and found to be not working. The HDMI out is not clean; the OSD is output through the HDMI and (AFAIK) cannot be turned off. Additionally, the webcam feature through USB didn't work for either my Mac or PC where I've hooked up plenty of other webcams and capture cards into with no problem. Still looking for a camera that does both.
Comment from : Donnie D'Amato

Can you check out this camera and see if it will connect to a gorillapod 3k kit tripod? Camera: Full Upgrade】 Ultra HD Video Camera Camcorder with Powerful Microphone 1080P Vlogging Camera Recorder 3.0 Inch IPS Screen 16X Zoom Camcorders YouTube Camera Remote Control, Lens Hood,Battery Charger
Comment from : PranksDirect

No u ;}}}}}}}
Hi just a question if I want to live stream using the camera would I require an Ed card?
Comment from : No u ;}}}}}}}

Will the more expensive one attach to the gorillapod 3k set tripod?
Comment from : PranksDirect

i just made this vid 700 likes!
Comment from : thecoolkidsout

the one on the right is the camra im getting to vlog with in 26 days
Comment from : thecoolkidsout

Skagit Toe Tappers' On-Line Cloggin'
Really liked the review overall. I bought the more expensive camera. And am trying to set it up. 1. One thing you did not go over... how and when to charge the batteries. The directions don't really tell me how to do that. So I just installed a battery... then plugged in the usb cord to the camera. then plugged the power in to the wall outlet. How do I know how long to charge it this way? Directions don't really tell you how to do this... so ? 2. also how and when should i charge the microphone? I think you did say when the mic light goes red. charge it. 3. Also how do I upload my videos onto my youtube channel? Is there an upload share button to youtube, on the camera? I assume I need to load my videos onto my PC... then upload from PC onto you tube? All in all I gave a like to you because you covered a lot of stuff. This is my first camcorder so I'm a little nervous about using it.
Comment from : Skagit Toe Tappers' On-Line Cloggin'

Francisco Trivino F
I bought the camera with a microphone three days ago, the card did not come, I do not know which one you suggest, and the control does not work either, although I think it is the battery.
Comment from : Francisco Trivino F

StMary TLM
When I add the video capture device in OBS (trying to use as a webcam), the microphone does not work. Any suggestions?
Comment from : StMary TLM

Really wish you could use a mic on the cheaper one since the on board mic sounds like crap! That would be my only gripe with this camera as it is a bang for your buck!
Comment from : Proto_Dodo

Kelly Weagle
I have the camera here that has the attachable microphone. It seems to record very well & is pretty easy to use. My issue is that I need it to record for a min of 45 min's at a time. mine will record for only around 13 min's, stop & restart recording. Does anyone know how to get it to record continuously without the breaks?
Comment from : Kelly Weagle

Art Archaeologist
PLEASE HELP ME. I just got the HD one your showing on the left and then timer, date, and time are showing up on my videos. How do I get rid of it? Thx.
Comment from : Art Archaeologist

I got the more expensive one. I tried both softwares you recommended. I can't get any sound as I am trying to use it as a webcam. I did charge the shotgun mic. What audio settings should I have in obs?

Also, I get picture in obs but my browser, Microsoft edge won't recognize the webcam.

Comment from : Micah

Mr. Drew Paints With You
Oh man! Thank you so much for the review! My DSLR just crashed and I need something to keep shooting with while I wait to get it repaired. The more expensive (though still extremely reasonable) camera here has everything I'm looking for! :D
Comment from : Mr. Drew Paints With You

kismat bista
Urgently reply please is the tripod and sdcard for expensive one is free or what??
Comment from : kismat bista

Kyle Woodward
what kind of camera are you using to shoot the video.
Comment from : Kyle Woodward

Asian Carlos
Lol found the expensive camera and all its stuff at a concert 👀
Comment from : Asian Carlos

The Mighty Quinn G.
I'm starting out vlogging. i got the one with the remote. the remote doesn't work & I can't figure out video playback. the instructions leave something to be desired.
Comment from : The Mighty Quinn G.

Do they have 720p 60fps?
Comment from : Deflect

Great video but how do you recharge the battery?
Comment from : MyGenealogyAddiction

Lala Gonzalez
How is night mode?
Comment from : Lala Gonzalez

Chris’s Top Level Media
Good review and good job 👍 for helping everyone out there ! Oh yeah you look like Charlie Sheen 😂 wining lol
Comment from : Chris’s Top Level Media

Aggressive Gaming
I bought the one with the mic. Great camcorder. However, most of the videos that i record get corrupted when i pull them up on my computer. Any ideas?
Comment from : Aggressive Gaming

I'm going to pick up the 1 with the external microphone on top tomorrow so I will be uploading better quality videos... guys please support my channel 😊
Comment from : J&R2crazy

thank you so much im starting my sketch/skit youtube channel and this helped me to get a new camera.
Comment from : SlipShodSketches

Easy Origami Channel
That first link in description for Amazon says it is unavailable.
Comment from : Easy Origami Channel

Does the more expensive one have capability for a wide angle lenz
Comment from : KingFunch

Can you connect to your iPhone to transfer straight to your iPhone
Comment from : JG CENT

Just 4 FUN Canada
can you record while charging ?
Comment from : Just 4 FUN Canada

Joe Stoltenow
how does the remote work?
Comment from : Joe Stoltenow

Amical x YouTube
Comment from : AMICAL x

Rey Benavidez
What do I have to do to get it to record? I’m able to take pictures but can’t figure out how to record.

Comment from : Rey Benavidez

Hughesy Plays
How do you go straight to you tube with your recordings? Do you have to have a laptop??
Comment from : Hughesy Plays

Hannah Makalea
I have the first one for like a year ago for this time I’m commenting
Comment from : Hannah Makalea

Bennie Leip
I'm looking for a kinda cheap camera to make some nice pictures with low light and that they can also film decently would you recommend one of these ?
Comment from : Bennie Leip

kenzie. jade
thanks for the helpful video i got the more pricey one and it should be in the mail today. wish me luck!
Comment from : kenzie. jade

How can I connect to my monitor to edit
Comment from : Ejplaya0

Dave Riley
Digital D. - Glad you posted this. At 1:47, you mention the "really nice User Guide" for the less expensive camera bundle. I recently bought through Amazon the other camera kit, and the User Guide is really crappy. The pseudo-English pages are useless. Truly the worst I have ever seen. I was ready to return the camera for that reason, until I found your helpful video. Thanks.
I was stymied trying to upload and save video clips from either the camera or directly from the SD card to a computer, but a viewer comment already on this page inspired me to try a new approach. Problem solved.

Comment from : Dave Riley

Rey Benavidez
So with the more expensive one it says the batteries are rechargeable. How do you do that?
Comment from : Rey Benavidez

Nimia Lealani
what does raw audio mean? pls answer i rlly want to know?
Comment from : Nimia Lealani

Maurice Ball
When the camera is being used as a webcam, how do you use the function like zoom in and out?
Comment from : Maurice Ball

shin ryan rey
Sir how about the night vision of two dvc cam
Comment from : shin ryan rey

Shane Niec
I can't seem to get past the webcam symbol on the display of the camera. My computer (and applications capable of picking up a webcam, such as OBS) recognizes it as "usb device" but I am unable to capture anything. I get blank screens across the board, no matter which application I use. The microphone works perfectly fine, but I can't figure out how to make the camcorder function as a webcam. Everything appears to be plugged in properly.
Comment from : Shane Niec

Ghanaboy. PharmD
Thanks just bought this camera, can't wait for vlogging on my channel
Comment from : Ghanaboy. PharmD

calvin pringle
Hello I enjoy your videos but I have a question how do I attach the mic to the camera I tried doing it by looking at what you did but haven’t been able to attach the mic can you help
Comment from : calvin pringle

Can I attach shotgun boom mic to the cheap one??
Comment from : Sabipally

Michael Machado
I really want that
Comment from : Michael Machado

Does these cameras have apps to import the videos on your phone?
Comment from : MrAlex50

Nearer to the end what are you on about your not even showing us what to do your just saying confusing stuff
Comment from : GamingWithReece

Bibzy & bekzy GTA
Bought. It for pznex
Comment from : Bibzy & bekzy GTA

Kimberly Pollock
Hi David, I got a SD card and I'm running into another issue...when I put the SD into my chromebook, it's opening up the files from the SD card, and showing the files but the videos are black with sound. If I take a picture, it shows up but not the actual video. What's the issue? Do I have to use a dongle? Thank you.
Comment from : Kimberly Pollock

Tristan Grab
thank you so much for helping me pick my camera
Comment from : Tristan Grab

Thanks but how do I access my videos/pictures
Comment from : SPING STUDIOS

Dylan Ffowcs Williams
Thanks for this very detailed review.
Comment from : Dylan Ffowcs Williams

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